Venice (1)

As so often happens in Venice, I walked much further than I had planned to, drawn by the character of the nondescript streets between the Arsenale and the Giardini, which are a long way in character from the Piazza San Marco.

I went to see the Chiesa di San Pietro di Castello, which annoyingly closed the precise moment I arrived:-

But I enjoyed its cloister:-

There was a lot of washing hung out to dry:-

And I admired the many lions guarding the gates to the Arsenale:-

I wanted to find the Chiesa di San Francesco della Vigna.   But, instead, got lost:-

And ended up in the Campo di SS. Giovanni e Paolo by mistake:-


5 thoughts on “Venice (1)

  1. Kate Woodhead says:

    Venice is the best place to get lost in. We stay in a flat in Campo Santa Margherita – which sleeps six and is very good. I trust you are there for the Biennale. Enjoy.

  2. Dick Humphreys says:

    We stay on Giudecca every year – near but far so to speak. Altanella restaurant is worth a visit if you have time.

  3. Vivien & John McCormick. Lancashire. says:

    Don Carlo!
    We greatly enjoy all your blogs .They have widened our world in so many ways.and are looked forward to every day.
    We assume you meant San Francesco Della Vigna, rather than Vincula? So named because it was built on a former vineyard.
    It is not far from Santi Giovanni e Paolo , or in Venetian San Zanipolo , & the Derelitti.
    Perhaps you’ve found it by now, time permitting.
    We loved your pictures of the Miracoli church, one or our favourites, as of so many others. Did not someone describe it as a perfect jewel box? Inside and out.
    We also like the simplicity ot the Madonna dell’ Orto, where Tintoretto is buried. And a stone’s throw from Rialto is San Giovanni Crisostomo, with a gorgeous signed Giovanni Bellini.
    On our visits to La Serenissima we try to see the great works of Venetian art in the places for which they were made.
    Incidentally, there is a fine small restaurant nr the Ospedaletto, in Calle Ospedaletto in fact, called La Staffa. We recommend it wholeheartedly.
    Enjoy the Biennale!
    John & Vivien McCormick. Lancashire.

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