Venice (2)

I left out of my Venice tour, S. Maria dei Derelitti, next door to S. Giovanni e Paolo, because I couldn’t immediately identify it.  I notice the guidebooks are a bit short on eighteenth-century Venice, maybe an inheritance of Ruskinian prejudice that medieval Venice was so fine, but later Venetian architecture no good.   It was the church of the Ospedaletto, with a façade designed by Baldassare Longhena:-

Next door to S. Giovanni e Paolo is the Scuola Grande di San Marco.   More lions:-

I ended up at S. Maria dei Miracoli, a beautiful, nearly perfect, fifteenth-century church from the time of Bellini:-


4 thoughts on “Venice (2)

  1. Susie Blundell says:

    You seem to have got away from the crowds – one of the best places in the world to get lost.
    Am enjoying dipping in to your book but prefer the bite sizes that drop into my in box during the day. Looking forward to hearing about the biennale!

  2. Everyone has their favourites. The little gem of S. Maria dei Miracoli is one of mine. I also like to go up and see Tintoretto’s house. Only in a city with so many riches could such a monument be almost anonymous.

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