Queen Alexandra Memorial

I often pass the Queen Alexandra Memorial in the wall of Marlborough House, but normally in the morning and not lit up by the late evening sun.   I have grown to love its late art nouveau extravagance and decadence, designed by Alfred Gilbert RA right at the end of his life when he returned from exile in Bruges, where he had retreated in debt and married his landlady.   The central group consists of Love Enthroned, supported on either side by Faith and Hope, and there are tiny allegorical figures representing Religion and Truth on finials on either side.   It led to Gilbert being knighted and readmitted to the RA before his death aged 80 in 1934:-


2 thoughts on “Queen Alexandra Memorial

  1. Martin Edge says:

    There was a great exhibition about Alfred Gilbert at the Royal Academy in 1986. It was held in what is now The Fine Rooms and the exhibition was designed by Piers Gough. I was a little too young to see the Edwin Lutyens exhibition at the Hayward also designed by Piers Gough in 1981. The photos of the exhibition look wonderful, and like the Gilbert exhibition being designed by Piers was suitably theatrical!

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