The Poll (2)

So, it turns out that quite a few people felt as I did:  that it was unsatisfactory to have a Prime Minister who had been a supporter of remaining a member of the European Union turning into an advocate for a hard Brexit without ever being able to explain why this was a good idea, then calling an election to secure a clear mandate for her position when she knew that nearly half the country opposed it, then publishing a manifesto which proposed ill judged policies on social care which were quickly retracted and refusing to appear much in public or on television as an advocate for her position.   This looked like arrogance and has been judged accordingly.


7 thoughts on “The Poll (2)

  1. Yes, but you are typically restrained and polite. It’s not just a judgement on her approach to Brexit : it was a completely opportunistic and unnecessary Election and she was revealed as wholly incompetent – possibly the worst Prime Minister in memory, dull, unimaginative and inept. The idea of her negotiating our future relationship with the EU is ridiculous.

  2. Edward Chaney says:

    She’s second rate ’tis true (though upper second to Cameroon an Frogsporn)… was already clear when she failed to cancel HS2, 3rd runway and Franco-Chinese powerstation . But now we’re gonna get third and fourth rate as we head into terminal decline… If only (certain) people hadn’t bin so snooty bout our Nige… Wd have made better PM than any on offer now…

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