West Horsley Place

We went last night to the first night of Jenufa at West Horsley Place, the beautiful, now slightly ramshackle, medieval house, with its long, low Jacobean front, which was inherited by Bamber Gascoigne from his aunt, the Duchess of Roxburgh, and is now the location for what is described as GPO, the former Grange Park Opera, which Wasfi Kani has resurrected in a brand new opera house, built in eleven months from scratch, in the grounds.   It is quite an astonishing achievement to have built a version of La Scala de novo behind the crinkle crankle walls in the woods of a Surrey country house:-


5 thoughts on “West Horsley Place

  1. Joan says:

    Another point of note. Having met the enviably energetic Wasfi at your book launch we get to claim her as being from Stepney! She grew up in Cable Street.

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