Crinkle crankle walls

I meant to look up about the definition of crinkle crankle walls.   They’re one brick thick, built in curves because if they were built in a straight line, they could easily be pushed over – or topple of their own accord;  and they normally face south (as they do at West Horsley) and were used for growing fruit:-


5 thoughts on “Crinkle crankle walls

  1. Tom Ponsonby says:

    I’ve always enjoyed calling them crinkum crankum walls which may have come from John Aubrey’s Brief Lives as performed by Roy Dotrice nearly half a century ago.

  2. Camilla Beresford says:

    I think the West Horsley Place wall is early 18th century but most are late 18th or early 19th century. French Loyalists are said to have built some of the serpentine walls in Hampshire during the Napoleonic Wars

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