Chesil Court

I had a meeting with thin-cut cucumber sandwiches in Chesil Court, which was built in 1938, just before the second world war, for the electricity workers who serviced the electricity station next door.   There was a fine internal courtyard:-

It had beautiful 1930s lettering indicating which floor the flat might be:-

Upstairs, there was a view out over the back of Cheyne Walk towards the pylons of Albert Bridge and Norman Foster’s offices in Battersea, all the way to the Crystal Palace on the hills beyond:-


4 thoughts on “Chesil Court

  1. Richard says:

    After being away for so many years, upon return I’ve noticed that London has a wealth of such 1930s Moderne buildings scattered all over the metropolis. they are sleek and handsome for the most part without being sterile, unlike so much post-War Modern building.

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