Painting India

It’s a good year for Howard Hodgkin exhibitions, wiyh Absent Friends at the NPG and now Painting India at the Hepworth Wakefield, showing his long obsession with Indian painting, first inspired by Wilfrid Blunt, his art master at Eton (Anthony’s older brother), and with India itself, which he visited every year from 1964.   The paintings were selected by Hodgkin himself, and show the increasing freedom of the way he handled paint. 

Tea with Mrs. Parikh (1974-1977):-

In the Studio of Jamini Ray (1976-9):-

In a Hot Country (1979-82):-

In the Garden of the Bombay Museum (1978-82):-

Evening (1994-5), owned by Julian Barnes:-

Indian Veg (2013-14), his only triptych:-

Now (2015-16):-


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