Old Chelsea (1)

I’ve never really seen the point of Chelsea – too posh for my taste and the King’s Road long ago turned boring, apart from the Chelsea Arts Club and Green & Stone.   But as I turned off the King’s Road and walked down Glebe Place, I realised that there is still the residue of the old, late nineteenth-century artists’ community with houses by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Philip Webb, a very odd house (no.50) designed by John Lowe in the 1880s, a completely bogus and mis-spelt plaque recording where Alfred Munnings lived, and eighteenth-century houses in Cheyne Row, vestiges of what was once a village:-

On Chelsea Embankment, a lampstand by the Coalbrookdale Iron Foundry (with glimpses of Norman Foster through the trees beyond):-


8 thoughts on “Old Chelsea (1)

  1. Christopher Nevile says:

    You are so right Chelsea died ages ago. All that was fun and naughty driven ever further down the Kings Rd until it met Fulham marching back up!
    Glebe Place does have Frank Lowe’s (?) rather marvellous Italian villa (circa 1990) which may have featured in one of your photographs and one of London’s best church choirs at The Holy Redeemer. I was told they are all opera singers!

  2. Amanda Kinsman says:

    Bristling a bit about this post. What about Cheyne Walk and Tite Street, DGR, Augustus John, Thomas Carlyle, Whistler, Oscar Wilde, the London Sketch Club, the Chelsea Physic Garden and the Royal Hospital. A cricket match on Burton Court can be pleasant to see, the Army Museum and the river. The Arts and Crafts Church at the bottom of Sloane Street, St.Luke’s where Dickens was married, Chelsea Old Church. The Curzon Chelsea, the Town Hall . It is full of old rich people but that is because it is a nice place to live.

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