V&A Entrance Courtyard

I went back to see the new Entrance Courtyard at the V&A, having missed its opening.   It’s pretty impressive:  grandly complex geometries inserted elegantly into the old Boilerhouse courtyard of which scarcely a trace remains;  a luxurious black lacquered staircase turning down into the deeply dug exhibition space which currently looks like an empty football stadium before the installation of the autumn Opera exhibition;  and then back by another black lacquered staircase which snakes up to the shop, producing an Escher-like effect, with an interesting light brought down into the basement.   Only one small lift.   What will happen when the lift breaks down ?   Otherwise, it’s all very spacious and impressive, creating good open public, as well as exhibition, space (the cafĂ© is open till 9), and making it possible to appreciate the quality of Aston Webb’s detailing, newly scrubbed up.  

The hole in the courtyard:-

The view down the entrance staircase:-

Back up:-

The entrance to the Blavatnik Hall:-

Beautiful detailing on the steps:-

And Aston Webb newly revealed:-


2 thoughts on “V&A Entrance Courtyard

  1. Don Skirving says:

    I agree with everything Charles has said and confirm that the detailing is beautiful and exquisitely done. Not like the MATT building in Lisbon also by Amanda Levette and recently opened which has clumsy detailing and quite awful workmanship. Also several obvious design opportunities completely overlooked.

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