Museo del Duomo, Florence

I have wanted to se the Museo del Duomo in Florence ever since it was reinstalled by Timothy Verdon in 2015 and described by many as a model of good quality museum display.

It includes Ghiberti’s east Baptistery doors, won in competition in 1401 when he was only twenty one, beautiful, but still essentially gothic images:-

Next door, the Gates of Paradise.   I don’t think I’ve ever seen the originals before or studied the combination of full and half relief and quality of the bronze modelling:-

This is Brunelleschi’s death mask, as he was on his deathbed, exhausted from the effort of constructing the dome, in 1446:-

One of Donatello’s prophets, very early:-


I liked the chalice of Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici:-

And the opportunity to see Donatello’s Cantoria:-

Bandinelli’s Self portrait:-

You end with Michelangelo’s Pietà:-


7 thoughts on “Museo del Duomo, Florence

  1. Christopher Nevile says:

    Fabulous photographs.if you need lunch in the centre …try -Bucca del Orafo, Via Dei Girolami.!
    Not flash but good.

  2. Edward Chaney says:

    Surely the east doors are not the more gothic ones commissioned in 1401 (those are the north doors), but the later ‘Paradise’ ones? and surely you saw them when they were still in situ? (they were only definitively removed in 1990 methinx)….

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