Chatsworth (1)

Back to Chatsworth to see Patrick Kinmonth’s highly inventive display of objects and fashion from the infinite wealth of the Chatsworth wardrobes, with archival material, including photographs, displayed in a long horizontal case with hand-written labels (Patrick’s hand) and upstairs with theatrical effects, converting the state rooms into a grand mise-en-scène.

A book of psalms, with an embroidered cover, dated 1637:-

Accounts of the second Duke’s Grand Tour:-

Victor, later the ninth Duke as a child:-

The assembled wedding dresses in the Chapel:- 

Paintings by Laguerre:-

Stone carving on the reredos by Samuel Watson:-

Stella Tennant, photographed by Mario Testino:-

An orange blossom headdress made of pigskin and wire (1829):-

Lord Frederick Cavendish who was murdered in Phoenix Park:-

Balenciaga (2006):-


The staircase:-

A detail of the woodcarving in The Great Chamber (previously known as the State Dining Room, but never know to have been used as such):-

Shoes said to have been worn at the Devonshire House Ball:-

The State Bed (1697) by Francis Lapiere:-

Bess, Duchess of Devonshire by Reynolds (Lady Elizabeth Foster):-

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire by Reynolds:-

The third Earl of Burlington:-

‘Espece de Parapluie’ in Les Cris de Paris (1723):-

Christopher Kane (2014):- 

Pierre Balmain (1965):-

The Wounded Achilles (1825):-

Sleeping Lion (1825):-


3 thoughts on “Chatsworth (1)

  1. What a brilliant selection of images ! What treasures they have! And why does no one have beautiful handwriting like that today ? ! Thank you for a great entry.

  2. Joan says:

    Would like to see this but am unlikely to do so. It’s a part of the world I know well as I was lucky enough to live in Manchester for 13 years and spent many weekends walking in Derbyshire – it is so beautiful. The Valentino exhibition at Somerset House in which Patrick Kinmonth had a hand was one of the best costume exhibitions I’ve seen. I was talking about it with a friend after seeing the V&A Balenciaga exhibition recently (not a disappointment but it was crying out for more space and more items). Both of us said how little we liked Valentino designs but how much we had loved that exhibition which was not only dramatic but was so good at using technology to show the couture techniques used.

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