Chatsworth (2)

Much as I have grown to love Chatsworth, not an easy, because such an opulent taste (pure English baroque), I love the gardens and grounds at least as much – the survival of the seventeenth-century garden, laid out by London and Wise, with its temple by Thomas Archer and formal cascade, and the terraces round the house softened by views out to Capability Brown’s landscape beyond.

The South Front, designed by Talman and the first to be completed:-

The West Front:-

I always like the statuary, assembled, I think, by the sixth Duke:-

The view along the Broad Walk, laid out by Jeffry Wyatville, towards Blanche’s urn (Blanche was the sixth Duke’s niece):-

The Conservatory, originally known as the Conservative Wall and now The Case, designed in 1838:-

And the parkland beyond:-


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