Basilica di Superga

We were the only visitors to the Basilica di Superga first thing in the morning right at the top of the highest hill east of Turin.   It was, as we remembered it, grand and forbidding and rather gloomy, with a too large portico and an air of German rather than Italian baroque:-


2 thoughts on “Basilica di Superga

  1. Vivien & John McCormick. Lancashire. says:

    Much enjoying your posts from Torino . Such a lot of familiar places. And the customary superlative photos.
    Basilica di Superga is , alas, all too well known to football fans of FC Torino because of the air disaster of May 1949 when the plane carrying the team & officials returning from playing a friendly match in Lisbon went off course in bad weather & crashed into the back wall of the shrine , killing all on board . Many of the players were members of the Italian national team.
    There is an uncanny & tragic resemblance to the Munich air crash in 1958 in which many of the great ‘Busby Babes ‘ Manchester United team perished.
    At the back of the Basilica there is a memorial tablet in memory of those who died.
    On our visit to Torino in December several years ago the rack railway taking one up to the Superga was not running, so we did not get up there.
    It is a disaster not widely known of in UK , even by football fans.
    Did you make it to the home of Bicerin?
    Vivien & John McCormick.

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