Turin (1)

We had a long morning’s architectural touring in Turin, starting in the neoclassical stateliness of the Pizza Vittoria Veneto, where one of the old pharmacies caught our eye:-

Then to one of Aimaro d’Isola’s canonical early works, a street front which is definitely mannered for 1952, with elaborate, slightly gothic, brick detailing, offset by Luserna stone (the lamp standards don’t belong):-

It’s nearly opposite the Mole Antonelliana, a surreal building for a synagogue:-

There were two good brick buildings on either side of the Via Giuseppe Verdi.   One turned out to be the Palazzo dell’Universita, designed in 1712, but neoclassical in character:-

We never did discover what the one opposite is:-

We stopped for an espresso at the Café Mulassano, a perfect art nouveau interior by Giulio Casanova:-


2 thoughts on “Turin (1)

  1. Juliet Wrightson says:

    This is great because I am going to Turin for the first time at end of August – it looks wonderful. Thank You.

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