Design Museum

We had a day of intense discussion in the Design Museum, hearing what they felt had gone well (and less well) in their planning and opening arrangements.   It was very helpful to hear from others as we approach our own big opening next year on how to manage a huge organisational change:  the biggest thing I learned is that not everything is predictable;  and that Rowley Leigh has taken over the catering:-


2 thoughts on “Design Museum

  1. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    I thought that Rowley Leigh was the first of a series of “guest chefs” who would each run the restaurant for a month or so. According to the Design Museum website “The Design Museum’s restaurant partner is Prescott & Conran who operate the Coffee & Juice Counter, Parabola bar café restaurant as well as catering for private events”. I had lunch there last week and it’s an agreeable place to meet a friend for a lunchtime catch-up as it’s not very full & there’s no background music so one can catch up without raising one’s voice.

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