Rachel Whiteread

It is always very hard to appreciate the work of an artist at a crowded private view, let alone an artist whose work is so monumental and expressively mute as Rachel Whiteread.   So, all I can say is what a good and brave thing it is that Tate Britain has cleared out the whole of Richard Llewelyn Davies’s 1979 north-east extension in order to be able to see an enormous range of Whiteread’s work in an open, clear space:-


5 thoughts on “Rachel Whiteread

  1. Ivan Gaskell says:

    I recommend Rachel Whiteread’s “Cabin” on Governors Island, if you have the opportunity while in New York. Commissioned in 2015, installed last year, I went to see it again last weekend.

  2. Edward Chaney says:

    Was it really such ‘a good and brave thing’ or merely modern(ist) hubris on a par with the privately-educated Labour Lord Llewelyn-Davies’s proposal to demolish the Tate’s classical portico…? (According to Lord Annan he defended the destruction of the Euston Arch with the immortal words: “It’s just a bit of vernacular.” )

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