In setting off to Nottinghashire yesterday, I discovered that my only guidebook to the county was the original 1951 Pevsner, first published in 1951, the same year as Cornwall. I found it odd handling the heavily mottled original edition, still with the coffee stains from when my bookshelf collapsed during a talk in Cambridge. I’ve probably never previously used it (Nottinghamshire is not a county I know at all well). I like the odd dedication ‘To the driver who gave satisfaction’ – presumably his wife, as Pevsner never drove – and the much more clipped, telegraphic style of the entries.


2 thoughts on “Nottinghamshire

  1. Otto Saumarez Smith says:

    Pevsner did learn, eventually, to drive. Nottinghamshire was the only county he covered entirely on his own – without Lola or an assistant to drive him. The dedication is something of a joke. The account in the Sussie Harries is very funny.

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