Whitechapel Crossrail

I have been following the progress of Crossrail with the utmost interest, partly because of its likely impact on Mayfair (400,000 potential extra visitors to the RA A DAY), and partly because I will be able to get from Whitechapel Station to Bond Street in eight minutes, not to mention Heathrow and Paris. So, I was delighted to hear that Crossrail were organising tours round the station for Open House. It’s a building site. I’m familiar with them. One will enter by the original entrance and then cross over the old Hammersmith and City lines, past an entrance to the Overground, to the grand entrance to the new Elizabeth line. The line itself is due to open on 9 December 2018, the day before our 250th. birthday. The only thing I regret is that there is no entrance at the Cambridge Heath Road end, where there is a big shaft, but maybe Sainsbury’s could consider adding it to their new (and controversial) development as part of a Section 106 agreement. It would be expensive, but think what a difference it would make to the value of their residential properties:-


2 thoughts on “Whitechapel Crossrail

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    Great they’re finally completing Cross Rail but what a(n expensive) pity they dithered so long with such an obviously good idea… At the London Region of English Heritage we were checking its impact on listed buildings in the early 1990s (the concept itself dates from the early ’40s). And yet they charge ahead with an obviously terrible idea like HS2…

  2. I too have been following the Crossrail development with great interest (and many Tweets), and visited the sites at Moorgate and, many years back, the Canary Wharf ‘box’ as part of Open House. As we live at the Cambridge Heath Road end of Cephas Street an entrance via Durward Street, via the Sainsburys estate, would save 5-6 minutes getting to the Elizabeth line. Likewise for the hundreds of people who would come down by bus from Cambridge Heath and central Hackney, who currently get onto the Central line at Bethnal Green station.

    I pored over models of the Whitechapel station at the New London Architecture show last year – and even asked an electrician friend who is working on the project – to determine if there was an entrance from Durward Street, but it seems there won’t be. More’s the pity for any resident living in the dense residential district immediately north of the station, and which is likely to be re-developed wholesale after the new station opens. Hopefully the sense of this will be seen, in the context of your suggestion with respect to the Sainsbury’s development.

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