Over the past month, especially in Italy, I have got worried that when I take close-ups on my camera phone, the images dissolve when enlarged on a big screen. I consulted a friend and photographic mentor about what to do and he said that he had the perfect solution, which turned out to be a spare baby Leica, which he was willing for me to borrow, as he described it, ‘to play with’. Well, of course, like all amateur camera enthusiasts, I have longed to at least try out a Leica, passing the shop window of Richard Caplan on Pall Mall full of yearning. So, now is my chance. I leave you to judge whether my future photographs are improved in digital definition.


2 thoughts on “Leica

  1. William Griffin says:

    A shared experience, including the occasional peerings into the window of Richard Caplan’s excellent little shop. The compact Leicas make it possible to take much better photographs than does the iPhone. Transferring image files wirelessly from the camera to the phone is simple and quick. Fulfilling your yearnings will probably take you down an expensive but rewarding path.

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