The Rockefeller Collection (1)

I was lucky to have been allowed a sneak preview of the Rockefeller Collection which is being shown in London, before touring the world and being sold in New York in May. I knew some, but not all of the Rockefeller family history: John D. who made so much money out of Standard Oil that he had difficulty giving it away; John junior who established Colonial Williamsburg in the 1920s and the Cloisters in the 1930s and his wife, Abby, who founded the Museum of Modern Art (John junior didn’t really like modern art). They had five sons, a powerful family network, including Nelson, who was Governor of New York and Vice President under Gerald Ford, and David, the youngest, who came to art late, but was encouraged to take an interest in modern art by sarcastic comments about his taste from Marga Barr, Alfred Barr’s ebullient wife. We must be grateful to Marga Barr.


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