Sarabande Foundation

I joined a tour of the Sarabande Foundation, the charitable foundation established by Alexander McQueen in 2007 in support of art, fashion and creativity and which, in 2014, opened a set of artists’ studios in an old stables in Haggerston off the Kingsland Road. I particularly admired the work of John Alexander Skelton, whose work is only available in Dover Street Market:-



2 thoughts on “Sarabande Foundation

  1. pbmum says:

    I hadn’t heard of John Alexander Skelton before reading this and your post meant that his name was on my radar. Because of this my daughter and I have just returned from a really enjoyable ‘Fashion in Motion’ event in the Raphael Gallery of the V&A – Mr Skelton’s clothes ‘accompanied by music and dance inspired by nature’. It was enjoyable crazy – Wicker Man, Pandemonium Scene from the Olympic Opening Ceremony, the music from the theatrical production of War Horse all sprang to mind. And at its heart some very nice shapes and tailoring. Thanks for bringing this particular designer to my attention.


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