I don’t normally use my blog for campaigning, not least because I’m not really involved in campaigning; but tonight I went to the launch of a campaign called ThinkHand which is trying to persuade the NHS to allow clinical trials and provide drugs to people with MS who are confined to a wheelchair. Apparently, once in a wheelchair they are classified as 6/5, which implies that they are beyond help in spite of the fact that they keep the use of hand and brain. The jazz was provided by someone with MS. The paintings were by a Czech mathematician with MS. And the jewellery was by Romilly:-




4 thoughts on “ThinkHand

  1. I wish ThinkHand the best of luck. I am on a 2 year clinical trial myself and feeling the benefit.

    How ironical that Mottisfont will be exhibiting Romilly’s jewellery but she will not be able to see it in situ.

  2. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    I read about ThinkHand a day or two ago and thought of Romilly. Her jewellery at COLLECT is fabulously beautiful, particularly the earrings.

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