Waterloo Bridge

En route to the Bankside Gallery, I walked across Waterloo Bridge.   ‘Earth has not anything to show more fair’ (wrong bridge, I know).   But look how it has been transformed.   The Palace of Westminster dwarfed by the towers of Vauxhall:-


The Festival Hall dwarfed by a forest of new tower blocks:-


The Shard dwarfed by the new bulbous monster south of Blackfriars Bridge:-


St. Paul’s – poor St. Paul’s – lost in a forest of tower blocks:-


Whatever happened to town planning ?


2 thoughts on “Waterloo Bridge

  1. edward chaney says:

    It this not the inevitable concomitant of non-stop (yet unsustainable) ‘growth’?Let’s hope at least an element of former Chancellor George Osborne’s predictions of post-Brexit slowdown turn out to have had an (accidental) element of truth to them… albeit too late to stop disastrous HS2, Hinkley Point and third runway at Heathrow….

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