Kettle’s Yard

As it was sunny (briefly), we decided to go to the new Kettle’s Yard for Mothering Sunday.

This is as it was in the 1950s:-



I first went in October 1972, nearly my first weekend in Cambridge, when Jim Ede was still in residence, but only just before moving up to Edinburgh and was available to talk about the precise placement of objects, the combination of art and artfully placed stones – my first introduction to modernism:-



I had forgotten how good Leslie Martin and David Owers’s 1970 addition is with its brick floors and changing levels and use of side lighting:-




Jamie Fobert has now added a sensitive and intelligent couple of contemporary gallery spaces on the ground floor behind the retained façade of the Victorian cottages on Castle Hill, which, with their ample use of polished concrete and steel staircase, make the house into more of an art space:-




4 thoughts on “Kettle’s Yard

  1. I first went to tea with Jim and Helen in 1963, my first term at Cambridge. . If they saw you were interested they then invited you to tea every week. it was my first experience of the St Ives artists, of Ben Nicholson, Gaudier-Brzeska, and of contemporary collecting ( those pebbles !). It changed my life.

  2. Paul Zuckerman says:

    I had the same experience as Mark. It changed my life too and it should therefore not surprise readers to know that Mark and I were together last Friday in Cambridge. The occasion was the ARTiculation finals, a program started by wonderful Madeleine Bessborough. And she must be the only person who has created a building (The Artist’s House at Roche Court) that is completely inspired by Kettle’s Yard. This just proves what a lasting influence Jim Ede had on all of us friends..

  3. My favourite museum – and the influence it had on me can be seen in my home – especially pebbles, fossils etc. I’m looking forward to going to see the new extension.

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