Garden Museum Café

I went early to a Trustee meeting at the Garden Museum in order to have lunch at its excellent café, which has just, rather amazingly, been awarded a prize as the ‘Restaurant of the Year in a Cultural Destination’.   This is not just best in the UK, but best in the world, beating the in-house restaurants in the new National Gallery of Singapore and the Broad in LA:  a pretty impressive achievement for the two chefs who came to Lambeth by way of Padella and St. John Bread and Wine.   The food is not cheap, but delicious:-





3 thoughts on “Garden Museum Café

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    It looks delicious, but it certainly isn’t cheap : Seven pounds fifty for some broccoli, a good mark-up ! But there’s very little local competition.

  2. Thomas Ponsonby says:

    I had a delicious lunch there a few weeks ago but, as Mark says, it’s not cheap. It’s worth going to have a good lunch and catch up with a friend or two in very agreeable, well lit surroundings. But not a drop-in cheapo neighbourhood café…

  3. Indeed it’s amazing that the Garden Museum Cafe was awarded any sort of prize and that they impressed you too. Their major skill has to be in spotting diners they consider worth serving. When we went in the summer they were surly and reluctant, unwelcoming and inefficient. The food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t worth the wait nor the hassle of getting them to charge us for what we actually had. So prize or no prize it represents a missed opportunity to provide a satisfactory place to eat and it’s a great shame there is no obvious alternative within easy reach. In good weather the nice little garden next door is a good place for a picnic and that’s what I’d recommend.

    The prize was awarded by “Leading Culture Destinations”, who are essentially a tour operator. No wonder it was difficult to find as a news item. I suggest treating their other awards with considerable skepticism. Looking at the people responsible for the nominations and judging I see a lot of public talent, but none related to catering and no-one who looks as though they might have tested the cafe anonymously.

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