Jerwood Makers Open 2019

We went to see this year’s Jerwood Makers Open at the Jerwood Space in Union Street, but in due course to travel to Sleaford, Manchester, Scunthorpe and Torquay, a good national run to show work which oddly and fascinatingly has nearly all been made in Walthamstow.

We were particularly interested to see the work of Lucie Gledhill who has worked for a long time with Romilly – indeed, was the person responsible for reintroducing her to the making of jewellery, working as what she calls her translator. But she has always worked independently as a maker, developing different types of chain, on this occasion exhibiting differently sized chain links made out of wood, iron and silver.

This is the biggest wood ring (the photographs don’t do the scale of the work justice):-

They then grow smaller:-

And smaller still:-

I also like and respect the work of Forest + Found, which we have previously seen at Make in Bruton:-


One thought on “Jerwood Makers Open 2019

  1. Thank you for alerting me to the work of Lucie Gledhill and of Forest and Found. There are exceptional and yet other examples of what Tanya Harrod is always saying that the quality of the best Crafts at least equals the best artists.

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