Old Etonians

I am posting a link to James Wood’s admirable and thoughtful critique of the intellectual origins of his generation of Etonians, schooled by Eric Anderson, the Scottish headmaster whose name he has inexplicably forgotten, in the responsibilities of noblesse oblige, but which has turned instead into arrogant self-regard and destructive nostalgia:-



10 thoughts on “Old Etonians

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Although I am frequently irritated by LRB, rarely am able to read it all and regret the relative paucity of women writers and subjects, articles like this keep me paying my decades-old sub.

  2. segravefoulkespublishers says:

    Interesting to read the LRB piece after Simon Kuper’s withering destruction of the ’80s Oxford politicos in last Saturday’s FT. Same names crop up in both…..

  3. Eric Anderson was a wonderful Head, and his wife, Poppy, is a joy. If only there were more like him.

    He did not have a high opinion of Tony Blair at Fettes.

    • Dear Mark, I’m glad you’re back in the Comments section and completely agree with you about Eric Anderson. I can’t imagine he thought much of the antiquated priggishness of Jacob Rees-Mogg. Charles

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