Wickhams Department Store

Wickhams Department Store, the Selfridge’s of the East, opened in 1927 and serving East London until the 1980s, has now been cleaned, showing off its 1920s classical detailing, referred to in the muf joke of a broken column buried in the nearby pavement:-


4 thoughts on “Wickhams Department Store

  1. It looks fabulous too, not least the illuminated pediment/tower atop, which is a beacon which can be seen from some distance, competing in some ways with the aircraft warning beacon atop the Canary Wharf towers. There is another partially buried muf ‘joke’ which is maritime, which seems appropriate but needs explaining. Oddly the developer seems to be struggling with retail occupancy at least, with the new retail space unoccupied, and with no indication of who might occupy it. (And will Sports Direct pay the likely significant lease increase?) I also enquired about co-working space (see the listing on Allsop’s [http://bit.ly/2Xh5Ezi]) but didn’t get much engagement. Before the renovation, Central Working Whitechapel was there, as well as the Barclays accelerator Rise (relocated to Shoreditch) – and of course Foxcroft & Ginger – but the dynamic tenants don’t seem to be returning. Frustrating as, with the London Hospital redevelopment on the other side of Cambridge Heath Road, that stretch will have a significant uplift.

      • Yes, that would be an interesting scenario. I guess the ethnic demographic changes have pushed towards a different kind of retail, around markets and smaller shops. (The market at the Boishakhi Mela yesterday was amazing.) That said, retail in East London is flourishing in modern ways at Westfield Stratford City and Canary Wharf, and Box Park and Hackney Walk.

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