Roy Strong

I went to a party to celebrate the publication of Roy Strong’s The Elizabethan Image: An Introduction to English Portraiture. There were three past or present directors of the National Portrait Gallery – Nick Cullinan who started in 2015, me who started in 1994 and Roy who took over at the tender age of 31 in 1967, over 50 years ago (only Sandy Nairne was missing). Here Roy is fifty years later writing about portraiture, thinking about it, reading the work of younger scholars, and publishing a book which digests a lifetime of study from when he was a schoolboy and first started visiting the NPG. It’s quite an amazing achievement.


One thought on “Roy Strong

  1. It is indeed. The Trusees deserve some considerable credit for appointing such excellent. and young, Directors. Each of you has brought great ideas and vision to the Collection, and to the building. it’s been the perfect stepping stone from Regional galleries to National collections.

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