Hereford Cathedral (1)

I was invited to Hereford Cathedral to see the stained glass window and commemorative monument which John Maine RA has done to celebrate – and commemorate – the close association which the cathedral and city have with the SAS, which is based locally.

The monument – if it’s allowed to be called a monument – is highly abstract, its special quality deriving from the juxtaposition of different stones, most especially the beautiful, highly polished, deep blue Syenite, quarried in Brazil and polished in China, juxtaposed with, on the one hand, a roughly faced sandstone base from Clashach, near Elgin and, on the other, a smoothly polished, dark grey slate base for the inscription:-

A detail of the Syenite:-

Above is a deep, dark blue stained glass window, also designed by Maine, although one might not guess it, as the idiom and execution is so radically different in style and feel. Here it is, as seen from a distance, through a window across the cathedral close:-

This is a detail of the double skin of stained glass, made by the Derix glass studio, near Frankfurt:-


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