Hereford Cathedral (2)

I didn’t feel that I knew Hereford Cathedral at all well, although I must have been several times over the years, but never previously in the company of the Precentor.

The best view is from the College of the Vicar’s Choral:-

We entered by a door in the south-east corner, so I saw the Lady Chapel first, with its complex, thirteenth-century, decorative window shafts:-

Behind is a view of the chancel:-

The north transept is thought to have been planned (but this is based on Pevsner in 1963) by Bishop Aquablanca who died in 1268:-

It was only then that we arrived at the nave, truncated by the collapse of the west tower in 1786 and reconstructed at its west end by James Wyatt:-

And the Norman font:-

Two curiosities. A stained glass memorial to Thomas Traherne, by Tom Denny:-

And a picture of Roy Strong, who is 84 today:-


2 thoughts on “Hereford Cathedral (2)

  1. It’s a great Cathedral, isn’t it? As beautiful from the outside as within.

    Your photographs are, as always, excellent in their detail.

    You don’t mention the Mappa Mundi. Isn’t it there?

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