Brexit news

I have been asked by a friend across the Atlantic for the latest news on Brexit and the short answer is that it is increasingly hard to tell. The noise from 10, Downing Street, having been relentlessly negative towards everybody and everything – the law, judges, parliament – is suddenly oddly and not totally convincingly upbeat, as if a deal could be struck, which will be an adaptation of Theresa May’s deal, with the only major change being a customs border in the Irish Sea, but with the advantage that it is being put forward with what has been described as Disraelian panache (ie shameless hucksterism) by a Prime Minister who has sided with the Brexiteers for his own personal advantage, so that they may give it their support, along with many MPs who want to see a deal, whatever the cost, to avoid a No Deal, which would be so obviously much worse. We will see. I have some sympathy with those who are sick of the debate and want to see it ended, however unsatisfactorily.


3 thoughts on “Brexit news

  1. Pam Roberts says:

    But surely we don’t trust Johnson as far as we could throw him? But glad to see that Varadkar, who appears to be a very decent & humane person, might be something of a catalyst for good in the final days of discussion.

  2. Yes, Varadkar seems to be reasonable, and might constrain the worst instincts of Johnson.

    It’s not clear how a Border in the Irish Sea would work but almost any ending to this would be welcome.

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