Charles Jencks

I’m very upset to hear of Charles Jencks’s death, not a surprise because he had been suffering from cancer for a long while, bearing it with enthusiastic fortitude and an energetic zest for new ideas and conversation which he had throughout his life – interested in ideas as much as architecture, in prehistory as much as postmodernism. I first met him properly on a weekend in Wiltshire when we went on a Sunday morning quest for the mounds round Marlborough, climbing Merlin’s mound behind the college hall in spite of the fact that it was out of bounds, and then going on to Silbury and Avebury. He was fascinated by the symbolism of architectural form which made him the original proponent of postmodernism, a student of Reyner Banham at the Bartlett after studying architecture at Harvard, writing his dissertation on Modern Movements in Architecure on which he became a global expert and taxonomist. Charles, you will be missed!


4 thoughts on “Charles Jencks

  1. He will indeed be greatly missed but he leaves behind some remarkable achievements, not least his land sculptures outside the Museum of Modern Art in Edinburgh.

    He pioneered the idea that Land was a material that could be shaped and sculpted.

  2. joan says:

    About 20 years ago when my kids were very small and we were living in Edinburgh we went to an open day he held at his home. I have very happy memories of my toddler boys (both now over 6ft tall) striding around the Garden of Cosmic Speculation. I was so pleased, on a visit to Edinburgh last autumn, to be able to introduce my daughter (not born when we visited Portrack) to the garden outside the Museum of Modern Art.

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