Whitechapel Bell Foundry (27)

I was interested to read the views of Tim Parker, the chairman of the National Trust, on the occasion of its 125th. anniversary, because he makes clear that the Trust is now at least as interested in industrial history as in its legacy of great country houses. As he indicates, attitudes to the past have changed and people are now as fascinated by how ordinary people lived in the past and how things were made as they are in how the rich lived.

Perhaps this may encourage the National Trust, with its great campaigning tradition, to take an interest in, and express a view on, what was until recently the greatest surviving example of a working late medieval foundry, which thus far, I can’t help noticing, the National Trust, along with Historic England, has chosen to leave to its fate.

Or does it perhaps still prefer its properties to be in the home counties than in old, historic, working London ?