Lionel Barber

I went to Lionel Barber’s leaving party at Tate Britain.

I am incredibly full of admiration for the way that he has kept the FT as a paper of proper public record, not subject to the same level of propaganda as his sister papers, still employing a large number of intelligent, independent-minded journalists, whose views are not predictable before you have read them, with a weekend section on the Arts which is unlike any of the other newspapers in terms, best of all, of its internationalism. I don’t know how he has done it, other than being impressively wide-ranging, independent-minded and internationalist himself, as well as a champion bicyclist.


2 thoughts on “Lionel Barber

  1. Add the September Festival in Kenwood, which has been organised by the Editor of the FT Weekend, Alec Russell, and you have a remarkably strong Arts presence.

    Lionel Barber has been a brilliant Editor who has raised the bar in so many ways.

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