The Centre (or ‘The Center’)

Since the election, I have taken a break from reading political commentary, since one of the benefits of the result was that it was definitive, at least for the next five years.

But I found the attached piece of long-form journalism in the New York Review of Books fascinating because it suggests that one of the reasons for the result was a widespread revulsion not against neoliberalism or London, but what the writer describes as ‘The Center’: the capture of the middle ground by self-interested managerialism. I’m not sure whether I agree with it, but the way it is written makes it unexpectedly plausible.


3 thoughts on “The Centre (or ‘The Center’)

  1. Kate Woodhead says:

    It looks a very interesting article, which I have no time to read at the moment but the first statement about older people always voting Tory really annoyed me. I am ancient and voted Labour, though not a great fan of Corbyn, and Remain and many of my friends did the same.

  2. Maurice Davies says:

    Thanks for drawing my attention to that article, Charles. Its most eccentric, if appealing, suggestion is that people’s voting choices were motivated by a dislike of bureaucracy and administration. If only it were so

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