St. Mary Magdalene, Paddington

St Mary Magdalene is a fine church – high gothic, tall and brick, designed by G.E. Street as an outpost of All Saints, Margaret Street, originally surrounded by working class housing, now by tower blocks:-

Inside is high church, with crucifixes shrouded for lent and a reredos by Martin Travers:-

Best of all is the Chapel of St. Sepulchre downstairs, locked up while waiting for restoration, designed by Ninian Comper in memory of Father West:-


6 thoughts on “St. Mary Magdalene, Paddington

  1. It’s excellent. Yet another example of my poor judgment. I r emember saying that, lovely though this is, the last thing that North London needed was yet another music venue.

    How wrong I was – it’s terrific and is very busy with all sorts of music. The acoustics are very good too.

  2. Jim Grover says:

    Hello Charles..would love to welcome you to Clapham for my latest exhibition (opens tomorrow for 2 weeks…BBC News On Line may well feature it tomorrow within In Pictures)…and think you’ll be intrigued by the church architecture! Apologies,,,thought I’d saved your new e-mail address, but can’t now find it! Let me know. Very best Jim

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