Roy Strong

It was the last of the Portrait Dinners, perhaps the last big gathering for a while, before the gallery closes at the end of June for its refurb. The former Directors were invited – those who were living, at least – including Roy Strong who started work at the NPG in 1959, more than sixty years ago, and was a protegé of Cecil Beaton, whose exhibition is downstairs. After being photographed in front of the Somerset House Conference, as Roy was as a Young Turk in 1967, we trooped downstairs for champagne:-


One thought on “Roy Strong

  1. marinavaizey says:

    I believe Sir Roy gave Cecil Beaton the great exhibition early on in Sir Roy’s tenure, with autumn leaves as the décor??? and pioneered the showing of photography (many a tale) and Charles! your readers need more information! Do you know when the NPG first initiated the commissioning/acquiring portraits of the living? and is that Sandy Nairne, the last but one director, talking to Roy Strong????

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