The other version

I recommend listening again to Mary Wakefield’s appearance on the Today programme in the light of her husband’s appearance last night in the garden of 10, Downing Street, partly because, as of today, it can no longer be retrieved from the BBC and partly because it makes one feel that we are as a nation listening in on a family competition as to which of them can write the stranger fiction.


4 thoughts on “The other version

  1. Leslie Tobin Bacon says:

    I am confused. Faraway, and suffering COVID fatigue (exhaustion from too much constant info) in Los Angeles I only know the basics of this incident but thought that D. Cummings took his child north before he was ill but had symptoms. From Wakefield’s storyline, it seems the child was with them throughout. Are hallucinations part of the symptoms? In any case, you are right Charles, and it seems Boris is just taking a page out of Trump’s playbook… one rule for you and another for me, my family and lackeys… On both sides of the Atlantic, we desperately want a leader — someone to follow. Neither Boris or Trump is that person.

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