Le Caprice

Another very sad restaurant closure ! The interiors were done by Eva Jiřičná in the early 1980s and it retained a feel for its period – smart and a bit glitzy, but with an incredibly nice and always welcoming staff. I have eaten there a lot over the years and always loved it, including the dinner after the launch of the film of the Royal Academy and lunch in the alcove at the end on the left, now no longer possible.



4 thoughts on “Le Caprice

  1. Pam Roberts says:

    I ate at Le Caprice a few times in the 90s & loved the ambience, the buzz, the people watching – but thought the food a bit ordinary. But food was never the point there. It was certainly an “event” space

    But always sorry to see any established restaurant go (I know they say they are looking at another site) and hoping that the plan to introduce outdoor dining in London – Soho & Covent Garden etc, will mean that we don’t lose all our amazing restaurants & throw them a lifeline.

    But then we have “weather” – not always conducive to al fresco dining?

  2. Loved the Caprice, but it was very noisy. One day Rupert Pennant-Rea, the editor, and I had lunch at the Caprice with a prospective board member of The Economist. I could not hear a word the prospect was saying, but was relieved to see that Rupert kept nodding his head. Afterward, Rupert said, “I could not hear a word Martin was saying, but I was relieved to know that you could because you kept nodding your head”. Neither of us had heard a thing.

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