Marlborough Fine Art

I have just read the extraordinary and unexpected news that Marlborough Fine Art is closing down its New York operation ( as a result of what sounds like a family feud, as well as a downturn in the art market and Covid-19.

It was well known that its New York operation was now being run by Frank Lloyd’s great-nephew, Max Levai, who is said to be something of a playboy figure with a taste for the glitzier style of contemporary art; and that they had bought the beautiful Cheim and Read space in Chelsea, right next door to Marlborough’s existing downtown gallery, which had been converted into a gallery space by Richard Gluckman, the best of the New York austerely modernist designers. It was briefly leased to Blain|Southern which is how I know it. The demise of Marlborough, if it is being closed, will mark the end of one of the greatest of post-war galleries, which has looked after the estate of Francis Bacon and supported many of the best painters, including R.B. Kitaj, Frank Auerbach and Paula Rego. It’s hard to imagine the art world without it.


2 thoughts on “Marlborough Fine Art

  1. marinavaizey says:

    Fascinating; and Marlborough has always been controversial. The Rothko case?and the split between Frank Lloyd and Harry Fischer, leading to Fisher Fine Art which was also remarkable and long closed.

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