Whitechapel Bell Foundry (39)

Here’s the latest on the Bell Foundry. The public appeal is being held in early October, beginning on Tuesday 6th. October. We have lined up expert consultants to represent us, but one of the injustices of the current planning system is that developers can easily afford the high costs of planning consultants and expert lawyers, whereas for members of the public to do the same is incredibly difficult.

We have already raised a lot of money from the wonderful generosity of friends, blog readers and most of all the Weston Foundation, who came in with a commitment to help us right at the beginning, for all of which I am incredible grateful. But I have just been told that we need to raise an extra £20,000. I have committed myself to do this. What I have discovered is that a surprising number of people have been willing to donate £1,000. I just need twenty more people to add their names to the roll of honour.

You can do it with supreme ease through Re-form’s website, ideally ticking the box for Gift Aid as well. The link is:-


For those who prefer to do it by a bank transfer, you make a donation to the Re-form bank account, but please include the letters ‘WBF’ followed by your name so that they know who has given the money and for what purpose.

Account name: Re-Form Heritage

Sort code: 60 40 05

Account: 32067062


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