Eileen Hogan

We listened to Eileen Hogan discuss the work she showed in her exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art in a discussion with Elizabeth Fairman, its curator. It was particularly rewarding to see recent work, including multiple portraits of Alan Rusbridger which are part of an official commission from Lady Margaret Hall, but which are being done as a set of multiple sketches, originally done in Oxford, but more recently, during lockdown, have had to be done on Zoom, as his hair got longer and wilder. It’s a pity that the exhibition was shown only in New Haven and in a cut-down version at Browse and Darby and hasn’t been seen as much as it deserves to be this side of the Atlantic – not least, her royal portraits, now regarded as the kiss of death for an artist, her portraits of Ian Hamilton Finlay, and, which I particularly like, the meditative portraits of her wardrobe, which demonstrate the conflicts between realism and abstraction, which she described as dating back to the debates when she was a student at Camberwell. I am reproducing the Self-Portrait from the exhibition in the hope that I am not breaching the copyright:-

BP Portrait Award 2016 - Self Portrait In Pembroke Studios

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