Self-isolation (5)

Only a week to go.

The days stretch out, curiously shapeless, as I look out of the window at the sun and at my bicycle unused in the garden. I was due to go on a trip to Woolwich today which has had to be cancelled. I communicate with Romilly by telephone or email or by shouting outside her office window. There must be hundreds of us, if not millions, receiving daily bulletins from the test-and-trace machine telling us how much our self-isolation is valued, encouraging us to act responsibly in the collective interest. I wish this had been the message throughout. But a machine seems more easily able to state it than the Prime Minister because he does not believe in the collective interest, nor show evidence of acting responsibly.


7 thoughts on “Self-isolation (5)

  1. bendorgrosvenor says:

    You even manage to write beautifully about something as mundane as staying inside for two weeks Charles. I’m laughing (with you, not at) about your shouting at Romilly. In normal times they might call the social services on you. I’m also making tea with rubber gloves and mask, waiting for my test results. 48 hours so far, and no answer. It took two days to find a test site with space (although if I’d driven to Wallasey I’d have got one sooner). Good luck for the last stretch.

  2. Leslie Hills says:

    There are testing centres all over Scotland with capacity. I don’t know what Inverness did to be quite so singled out.
    I also had to self-isolate for two weeks, for a different reason. I found it quite restful – apart from the added prohibition on alcohol.

  3. Leslie Hills says:

    I was having surgery and the protocol is to isolate for two weeks before entering hospital. Thankfully nothing to do with Covid.

  4. Leslie Hills says:

    Not at all. It was very interesting to see how my excellent local hospital operates in the present circumstances. Clearly very safe with the minimum of fuss.

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