The burning of California (2)

I have been sent a link to a useful article in today’s New York Times about the terrible fires in California, following my post about them yesterday. So, the answer is that they occur as a result of human error and negligence and climate change is only one amongst a number of contributory factors. But they are still devastating to those who have to live with them and they seem, as in Australia, to be happening more often:-


2 thoughts on “The burning of California (2)

  1. marinavaizey says:

    but alas alack all human negligence and incompetence at best, greed and corruption at worst; Australia too. well the world really and with new coal mines in China and Australia…. Peter my brother whom you know, Charles, tells me although his neighbourhood is not immediately threatened as yet, that it is darkness at noon, and the air so smoky he cannot go outside.

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