Middleport Pottery (2)

Then we went down into the Engine House. I loved the sense of the simplicity of the equipment, all with a slightly Heath Robinson aspect, pumping the slip round the factory building twenty four hours a day:-

I ended up inside the surviving bottle kiln:-

The point does not need to be laboured: we have become unfamiliar with the traditions and environments of handwerk. We assume that the only worthwhile labour is on a computer screen. This is why it is worth trying to preserve the monuments and craft skills of traditional workshop production, as are so wonderfully evident at Middleport and could so easily be re-established in Whitechapel.


3 thoughts on “Middleport Pottery (2)

  1. Madeline Guyon Morrow says:

    There is a new book titled, Head, Hand and Heart. The author proposes similar views that the Heads have both been in power and reaped the rewards and status for too long. He thinks there will soon be a shift where we recognise the importance of and give due reward and respect to, the Hand and Heart work. Then, Covid came along and showed us clearly just who we appreciate! He managed to include some updated edits……

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