The unseen masterpiece

If I was feeling despondent, which I was, my faith in life and art has been restored by opening a red envelope containing a book documenting a project by Ingleby Gallery which illustrates a single work of art each day over the last year – each one thoughtful, described and documented, a single work of art, the relationship of the artist to the gallery, thoughtfulness, uncertainty and exploration, including an extraordinarily wide range of artists, not just those they represent. Howard Hodgkin was among the first artists whose work they showed and they have a Louise Bourgeois in their kitchen.


One thought on “The unseen masterpiece

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Dear Charles,
    I am lucky enough to live close to the Ingleby Gallery and to be welcomed there often. Florence and Richard have made a haven of the Glassite Meeting House and it is a great addition to our neighbourhood.

    I do agree with your last post. Many people are suffering. The chaos at the ports will cost the Scottish west coast seafood industry hundreds of thousands. Firms may not survive.

    Thank you for your thoughtful writings – and beautiful, interesting photographs over this past year. I wish you a good and peaceful Christmas.

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