Brexit and the Art World (2)

Following the piece about the effect of Brexit on the art market yesterday, I see that there is an addendum today : we are not going to follow Europe’s very strict regulation of the antiquities market. I presume this is a harbinger of what is to come: whenever Europe tightens rules to prevent illegal trafficking, we will liberate them to retain or develop our competitive advantage. I can see that some people may regard this as a benefit, but I’m not convinced we want to become an offshore, gangster state.


2 thoughts on “Brexit and the Art World (2)

  1. bendorgrosvenor says:

    It has been interesting to see this emerge as a ‘Britain boosts its art market’ story. First, as you note, it’s not easy to see how allowing people to potentially sell looted artworks will actually benefit the UK’s art market, at least in reputational terms. Second, the relevant part of the EU law is still on the UK statute books; as far as I can see, the UK has said it will – probably, perhaps – not enforce it, at some point in the future. Finally, the UK has already agreed not to implement many of the more substantive measures the art market wanted, such as abolishing the Artist’s Resale Right, which is explicitly retained in the Brexit deal.

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