Romilly Saumarez Smith

Given that Romilly’s exhibition in Bruton is now closed of necessity because of the lockdown, we were both rather cheered to receive such a beautiful photograph of one of the works:-


4 thoughts on “Romilly Saumarez Smith

  1. Susan Jenkins says:

    Dear Charles, I am trying to contact Romilly regarding purchasing a pair of earrings from her ‘Sea Eaten earrings’. A ‘wanadoo’ email address failed. Could you possibly let me know her contact details – or pass mine to her? With thanks Susan Jenkins

  2. A superb work. I think I first learned to look at trees as a result of reading Wolfgang Stechow on Salomon van Ruysdael – “seeing the overlooked”, to borrow a phrase from an FT review of Romilly’s work. This and other tree works in the cycle reinforce a lifelong fascination, and for this many thanks.

    • Dear Robin, Yes, sadly, her exhibition has just closed after only about three weeks of being open in December, but worth it, I think, not least for Edmund de Waal’s beautifully written FT review. Charles

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